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About Our Passes, Offers, and Stuff (How It Works)

Getaway Passes let fun seekers create the ultimate getaway -- tasting Virginia's wine and craft beer, sampling artisan foods, driving the back roads, and meeting the people who create the experience.

As a purchaser of a Go Virginia Getaway Pass, you can plan your getaway and then save on things to do and places to stay and dine all across Virginia. Unlike coupon programs, you have complete flexibility to decide where to go and what you want to do. Passes are valid from January through the last December day of each calendar year.

Claiming your Go Virginia Pass offers is as easy as showing your Pass when you shop or dine, or using our special promo codes when you book lodging or reserve an outdoor adventure. The 2016 Pass includes deals from dozens of wineries, breweries, distilleries and cideries, plus nearly two hundred historic inns and downtown cafes and brewpubs. Get outside with two-for-one discounts on drive-in movies, paddleboarding, river cruises or zip-lining, or relax at iconic movie theaters, museums, and galleries showcasing Virginia artisans.

Coupled with our Maps and recommended Itineraries, the 2016 Go Virginia Pass is an indispensable companion when you head out to explore Virginia’s green, historic, and beautiful byways.

We also have a range of special products, collections, and gifts made up by our friends and partners just for Go Virginia Getaways customers! Check them out below or in our online store.

Participating partners do periodically update their offers and instructions on how to claim them; be sure to check our listings for the latest information and/or contact the business before you head out.

How Our Passes Work in Five Easy Steps

Not sure what to do with our passes? Here is how they work, in five easy steps:

  1. Buy a Go Virginia Getaways pass. Your new pass will be mailed to you within days; in the meantime, you will get a temporary pass number that you can use immediately. (Click here to shop in our store or explore the passes using the links on this page.)
    • The 2016 Go Virginia Pass is our biggest, most comprehensive collection, with savings on places and activities throughout Virginia's state-wide wine country.
  2. Decide where you will go. Go Virginia Getaways passes cover the whole state, from Virginia Beach in the east to Bristol out west, Purcelville in NoVA to Cluster Springs on the road to North Carolina.
  3. Check out our offers in and around your destination. Scan the page for your pass or go to our offers map page to see what offers are available in that area. Or use our new place search page to zero right in on your destination.
  4. Found some offers you want to collect? Be sure to check how to redeem the offers that interest you by viewing the offer in our pages. You can use your pass number when making reservations at many destinations.
  5. Go! Eat, Sleep, and Play! (Don't forget to bring your pass and collect all those terrific offers!)

Want to use your pass right now? You can use your temporary pass number even before your permanent pass arrives in the mail. A number of offers are online only; buy online and the seller will ship right to you.
Click a product to see what it includes.
2016 Go Virgnia Pass
All Things Virginia Baskets
Red Rocker Virginia Sweet Getaways Box
First Colony Adopt-a-Vine
The Virginia Table
Moonrise Jewelry "Chesapeake" Earrings
CrafTshirts Virginia Craft Beer T Shirt

Note: Included offers and partners are subject to change without notice and at any time; be sure to check the online listings here and/or contact the business before you go!