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800 N MAIN ST.

GPS Coordinates

Latitude: 38.457600400000
Longitude: -78.861200300000



Point of Contact

Jason Shifflett
Middle Brother

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Business Description

Born and raised just a short drive from the brewery, we are thrilled to be able to set up shop here at home. The brothers of Brothers Craft Brewing consist of Adam (oldest), Jason (middle), and Tyler (youngest). We operate with the goal to brew quality and unique craft beer utilizing and supporting our local community and home. The brewery is a completely renovated soda bottling plant that suited our needs perfectly. Production started in December of 2012 and the first batch rolled out to local restaurants and bars just prior to the New Year. Open to the public for a unique tasting area, we offer samplers/pints/growler fills/ and bottles. We also frequently bring in food trucks and catering as food offerings, as well as live music. Check us out for gameday as well as we offer Sunday Ticket. Information on these events is posted on our Facebook page at the beginning of every week so stay posted to find out the latest. We’ve spent a lot of time and effort making our space a place you can really feel comfortable in. While we know everyone likes to see the brewery we’ve allowed for that and crafted a bunch of custom furniture, lights, and walls to make sure you can really enjoy the space while enjoying our beer.
Three Brothers Brewing, Harrisonburg, VA

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