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P.O. BOX 512

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Latitude: 38.671508000000
Longitude: -77.995551900000



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Kenny Sullivan

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I started Rappahannock Flyer after working in the consulting field for over thirty years. I had been visiting Rappahannock County for quite some years before I eventually relocated here and set out to find a way to let everyone experience this wonderful place. With a little research and a lot of faith, the concept for the Rappahannock Flyer was born and I decided that my idea could, in fact, become a reality. I found just the right car for the job, a beautifully restored 1956 Ford Fairlane Town Sedan. Come and explore Rappahannock County and leave the driving to me. Rappahahannock County has so much to offer, if you know where to look. As a resident I have been to almost every establishment in the county, wineries, art galleries, restaurants, orchards and farms. There's even a distillery that produces excellent whiskey. Take in a tasting at a winery and then a short trip down the Skyline Drive followed by a great meal at a local award winning restaurant. Come and enjoy the excellent Virginia wine, great food and wonderful people and bring your camera to record all the memories, I'm sure you will enjoy your visit as much as I enjoy living here. Kenny Sullivan Rappahannock Flyer
Rappahannock Flyer, Rappahannock County, VA

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