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123 LEE DR,

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Latitude: 38.278741500000
Longitude: -77.473415000000



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Karen Bane

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Built in 1859 by John Howison, Braehead is a 6,200 square foot manor house, and is nestled on 27 acres in historic Fredericksburg, Virginia. Located within the bounds of the Fredericksburg Battlefield National Park, when one stays at Braehead they are staying in the midst of the history. Braehead was a popular spot for those making their way in and out of Fredericksburg during the Civil War and was "in the country" during that period. On the morning of the 1st Battle of Fredericksburg General Robert E. Lee took breakfast at Braehead, tying his famous horse "Traveller" to the black walnut tree on the south lawn. This particular scene has been adapted as the Braehead "logo" as depicted at the upper left corner of your screen. During the 2nd Battle of Fredericksburg the Union Army occupied the house killing chickens and cows, breaking dishes and engaging in much mischief. The Union Army would use the house as a hospital. Grafitti, bayonet marks, bullet holes, and carvings all remained behind from these visitors passing through.
Braehead Manor Bed and Breakfast, Fredericksburg, VA

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