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Virginia’s Agri-Artisans: Mellenie Runion, Truly-Life

Truly Life ingredients

Artisans, by definition, are skilled craft workers who create things by hand. Agri-artisans rely on the natural resources of the land. The best reach a level of artistry that can define a new standard, raising – say – a lowly pail of sheep’s milk into a nutty fruity wheel of goodness that makes cheese lovers swoon.

In this Go Virginia Getaways series, Nancy chats with growers and bakers and cocoa makers, all part of Virginia’s agri-underground of fierce, passionate, half-crazed and outrageously creative makers of goodies that make us go…yum.

Getaway: Best of Virginia Wine Tour 2015

Drive the Virginia backroads

Each year, the 12 best Virginia wines of hundreds entered in competition are chosen to claim a spot in that year's Virginia Governor's Cup Case. The winning wineries for 2015 were thoughtful enough to lay themselves out along a perfect 350-mile, weekend tour of Virginia. From the horse country of Loudoun County, down through the Shenandoah Valley, and then skirting along the sourthern edge of Charlottesville, the Getaway route we've put together truly shares the best of Virginia.